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Our boarding environment is climate controlled. We offer kennels that measure 3' x 10' both inside as well as outside. No animals are left outside for extended periods of time, but we do have individual kennels for appropriate exercise time that varies depending on the weather conditions. Our outside kennels are shaded. We also provide clean bedding as well as food unless it is supplied by the owner. Our kennel food is Hills Science Diet. We require all animals to be fully vaccinated and at least be 1 year of age to board as we are a hospital and house ill animals as well. By having your pet vaccinated and of a mature age it gives it the best immunity possible against communicable diseases. Our "Cat Room" is also climate controlled and has large kennels for our boarders!

Below are some reference pictures for you to see! Thanks to Dr. Courtney's dogs (Smidge and Bayeaux) for being our models as well as our in house cat (Me Cat)!

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